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Posted on September 26 2021



Hello beautiful Yalu community,
Here are your Libra season COSMIC GODDESS horoscopes!
Libra is a huge month for relationships and each of us are being faced with the challenge of bringing balance to our lives, in different ways.

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Please keep in mind, that all horoscope style astrology, is fairly generalised.
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Now on to the juicy stuff!







Beautiful Aries! You are giving me some very electric vibes this month. There could be an element of shock factor here, for some rams who aren’t expecting to embrace change. Though most of you, are already in the midst of changes unravelling within your life. These are very fated changes for you. Something about this was defined and designed and you may have felt the threads pulling you for some time now. In some ways, there is no where left to run from these changes. This is about expanding into your visions, to create new levels of stability, structure and security. Security doesn’t always come from the places we mentally think it will. When you attend to your inner sanctuary, your efforts and focus will be multiplied back to you in an outer sanctuary too. You are being electrified back into your life, into the pure energy of being alive. Accept the invitation! The earth must be dug up, before anything can be planted. Change will bring you what you need, on your path to wholeness.

Your perfect tools: Dragonflies, as messengers. Immerse yourself equally in the four elements. 


Taureans are having a new identity emerge. There are feelings of being inspired here and also of coming into a new understanding of yourself. Many Taureans have either undertaken an underworld journey recently or are still within it. When we embrace the ‘shadow sister’ of our own selves, we become bigger and brighter because we are no longer suppressingessing a huge part of our power. The parts of us that have been deemed unacceptable, ugly or not perfect (as us Taureans love to be) can be repressed so much, that we begin to lose our grip on ourselves. So this month is focused in on continuing the reclamation of wholeness, no matter which part of the journey you are on. This is about finding the balance between the dark and the light and actually enjoying the art of bringing them together. One form, is not seperate from the other; even when one is more preferred. They are still one. So why do we seperate them? Fear, maybe. Look at the ways that you keep yourself seperate from yourself this month because its time to claim the ENTIRETY of who you are and came here to be, with your full power at your disposal. Out of separation we go!

Your perfect tools: Work with and align every chakra. Rainbow. The dove. Shadow and light. All shades of blue. Unicorn energy.


Geminis are coming into a whole new understanding of themselves. You are creating a new place to respond from. A new level of authenticity but it is still trickling in. You are becoming the queen of your own domain. Your own body, thoughts and actions. In some ways, you are taking the ultimate responsibility for yourself but choosing to BECOME more of yourself. This is about embodiment of the wisdoms you are channeling through your being at this time. You are getting closer to the beautiful centre of yourself. Of what really makes you tick. You are learning to take more ownership over your life, which also means that you will begin to take ownership of the beautiful blessings that are your to own! There is a new clarity around relationships here, that only occurs after you have begun to own more of yourself and your power. You may not be able to exist in wishful thinking or fantasy anymore but you will be able to break through your mental patterns of confusion. Bring your focus down to one thing, you. From there, all else will bloom far more perfectly, than if you were to be distracted by every other moving object. Your power is in your focus.

Your perfect tools: Mindfulness. The colour red. Root chakra. Grounding. Dragon energy. Embrace the Aries in your chart.



Hello my beautiful Cancerians! There is a lot going on for you this month. Especially when it comes to your emotional nature and your feeling of spiritual wealth. You are really being asked to drop resistance and move into more states of allowing. Cancerian is extremely loving, holding and protective; which can also lead to them having resistance to allowing things in. The judgement of ‘good’ or ‘bad’, ’Ill’ or ‘well’, is where a lot of this resistance begins for you. How much can you allow both? How can you offer this peace to yourself? To not be defensive against something? The sacred waters of life want to flow back to you. They want to restore your flowing connection with life once more. So what can you allow to exist together in the same space, where you would usually push one away? Merging the two polarities is the key for you. It is not going to threaten anything, to allow more in. Try to release yourself this month and drop expectations. When you move through the discomfort of opening up, you will be blessed with the restoration of equal giving and receiving. Let it be pleasurable, to experience two polarities within your body at the same time. When you do, you will re-balance your flow and break through to the flow of your desire, passion and creativity again. Learn new ways to transition out of challenge. You’ve got this.

Your perfect tools: The water element. Pleasure. Self love. Give to others freely (even if you wish you were receiving). Allow. Drop judgement.



Relationships of all kinds, are potent for Leo’s this month. Something from your subconscious mind is slipping through to your conscious mind. Awakening a new balance within you. A new understanding of how your mental and spiritual planes, can co-exist together. There is a spiritual breakthrough here. You are becoming more of an alchemist. Learning how to blend things together to create new beautiful breakthroughs for yourself! At the start of the month, focus on connecting to the earth and releasing any burdens to nature. See how easy it is for the earth to transform your energy. This one of the many ways that you can play with alchemy energy this month. Another, is in mixing your masculine and feminine energies together. You are being asked to combine the contrasting elements within, so that your body can become stronger as one whole unit. Then it will be able to act as a natural boundary system for you, that you don’t have to force. Sometime strong boundaries are far less about stating them and far more about embodying them. Have fun with your healing and get creative! You are closely connected to the earth this month!

Your perfect tools: Third eye. Super moon. The stars. Bear medicine. The number 7. Rainbows.



Virgos are having a very virgo moment this month! You are embodying the energy of you sign, with all of the new growth you are reaping. Yours, is the sign of the priestess and the maiden. Forever growing and expanding! There is a new lease on life and victory abounds. You will be learning about how to cut through any restricted thinking. You are being asked to become like the eagle and fly above even your own thoughts! You are releasing the limitations that have held you captive inside your own mind. You are being freed from the perception of separation. You will be breaking the chains that hold you back. Especially in the form of outdated patterns and beliefs, that no longer serve the new you that is trying to emerge. Honour this new life that will be bursting forth from within you, with the love care that you would give to a precious seedling. It will be victorious. You will emerge victorious. Your work is always recognised. Good fortune is on your side! Believe in the good of it all.

Your perfect tools: Sunflowers. The sun. The heart. Birth. The fire element. Solar energy.



It’s your world this month Libra and we’re all just living in it! You are a leader of this energy and this can be a great time to embody your leadership abilities. This month for you, is about integrating your intellectual leadership with your ability to take action. Inspired ideas are there for the taking and you have the capacity for many channeled thoughts. Though, what good is thought, if you don’t bring it out into the physical world? There are others who need the medicine of Libra, that may not know how to traverse it as well as you. Your actions are needed and luckily your creativity is at an all time high in some way or another. This is about finding your true souls work. Using your talents to execute your creations into the world of form. Your skills and talents are up-levelling and your creative expression is expanding. More of your divine destiny is being revealed. What a time to be alive Libra! Show us how its done.
Your perfect tools: Art. Expression. The student and the teacher. Kingfishers.



Your inner tides are shifting this month Scorpio! Everything in life moves through cycles and you are no exception. There is a sense here of moving on from something or understanding that the subtle ripples of life are leading you onto somewhere new. You are realising that you have been cultivating a deep level of strength, within the challenges you have previously faced. You have alchemised so much poison and transformed it into a source of inspiration. All of your steady work has now created a space of abundance for you to step into. If you still feel a little stuck, remember the power of forgiveness and go to the places that your ego doesn’t want to go. You have to open up, to allow all of the good in. Opening in truly vulnerable authenticity, can feel raw to Scorpio but there is no more supported time for you to take the plunge. New creations are at your fingertips and you are growing in your ability to give and receive love, once more. You are ready to look at life in a new way to how you have been perceiving it lately. Keep your focus centred, release your outgrown lifestyle habits and open into a new level of acceptance.
Your perfect tools: Solar plexus chakra. Play. Dolphin energy. Turquoise.



Sexuality is the topic under the spotlight for centaurs this month! This is not so much about sex, as much as it is about ANIMATING your being. There is a call coming from your being. As if you know that taking action will multiply your success in some way. That creating in a new way in your life, might move you to victory! There are some physical and emotional challenges indicated and I can see you weighing up pros and cons. In the end, you will want to go towards the direction of your inner child. The things that make you feel that sense of sweetness and the purity of life. Your childlike imagination wants more space to explore and its tugging at you to let it out. This level of remembrance can bring up both beautiful sentiment and emotional regret. You are looking at both your karmic past and your divine destiny, in each of your open hands! Mostly, you are becoming aware of how life passes by this month. So how will you spend your time? The wish card is here, leading you into a tower moment but the eruption of the sensual volcano, might be just what you need. The universe is delivering you to your highest destiny. It will help if you try to see everything, through the eyes of your inner child.
Your perfect tools: Red. Sensuality. Butterflies. Memories. Reach for the stars. Inner child work. Releasing guilt.




My spider senses are tingling loudly for capricorns this month. You are having to surrender to new challenges. You are having to connect properly to your alignment this month. Directions and planning are in some ways having to be altered. You are being asked to find new clarity around old situations. This will require you to allow in new thoughts and insights to stream through. Whatever is not working ‘as it should’, is trying to get your attention. Don’t be afraid to change it up, even if you don’t want to, or thought you wouldn’t need to. Everything is happening for a reason. It’s not a setback its a set forward! Your goals are going through a revision because there is more to the story. You are aligning with a truer destiny and finding a new sense of home within that. Soothe yourself with all of the love-ly things and lean on the lovers energy. Within and without. Time to balance your inner energies to provide both gentle love AND strong stability for yourself. You can do and have both but you have to be willing to let go of control. Lean on the healing power of love.
Your perfect tools: Motherly energy. Activate the cancer in your chart. Dolphin consciousness. The lotus. Baby blue and pink.



I am feeling something circular about Aquarius this month. Either coming full circle or understanding the bigger picture to things. Which we can only do when we zoom out. Something around the full moon. An illumination happening within your consciousness. Spirals. The ever evolving nature of life, pain, healing, death. Cycles. Honouring the cycles of life. Within and without of you. Feeling the balance between these. A connection. Something wants you to pay attention to how you feel during both the ups AND the downs. Sometimes transformation can bring grief. Rebirth means letting other things die and having to in some way, grieve them. There is a message here of understanding that life moves in cycles. The coin that comes up, will come down once again. You have experienced your fair share of both but how can you find a new connection to the way things come up and down, so that when you experience either of those opposites, you know how to survive and maybe even thrive? There is definitely celebratory feelings here and you should enjoy that but what you are really being asked to learn about, is how you can create a sense of wellbeing through every changing cycle of life. Enjoy!

Your perfect tools: Full moon. Circles. Spirals. Inventive thought. The process of nature. Seasons. Be aware of the cycles of life.



Pisces may be going through some challenges this month. There is a sense here of being a bit disrupted. I can feel the energy of ‘a fish out of water’. You may not be completely sure of your footing, as your sense of home and alignment is being challenged. This is not a normal sense of home that I am talking about, although for some of you, it could have themes around the actual home. I can definitely feel a family thing going on here but this situation is actually about you. Focus on remembering the inner flow of giving AND receiving. Bring the two into balance once more. Then your outer reality will shift accordingly. From the in, to the out; not the other way around this month. Mostly though, I am talking about your body as a home. When we feel comfortable enough in our body, we have access to our sense of sexuality but there is some level of discomfort here. In some ways, you are out of sorts and thats amazing! It means you get to experience the beautiful moment of reconnecting with yourself. To your essence, to what is actually true beyond all of the things you think. Its remembering yourself as a soul and continuing the journey of your spirituality and taking it to new heights. You are not just a human. You have one foot here on the earth and another is in other dimensions. Let that beautiful spiritual energy more and more INTO your life. Kali is here this month to help you do just that but it could feel uncomfortable at times. Trust the process. Your body is not your enemy, even if you hold shame there. You are divine and worthy being.
Your perfect tools: Butterflies are guiding you. When was the last time you looked at the stars? Delight in life, as the child. Gratefulness.








All the best to you this Libra season beautiful being!
With my love,
Taiyla Bayne
Intuitive Astrologer
Instagram: @taiylabayne

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