LIBRA SZN REPORT by Astrologer Taiyla Bayne

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Posted on September 23 2021

LIBRA SZN REPORT by Astrologer Taiyla Bayne


Hello beautiful Yalu community. Welcome to Libra season!

Can you feel change brewing in the air? Nature is alive with change, as its seasons move into an entirely new energetic pattern.

The spring and fall equinoxes always bring a shift in our perspective. As humans who are sometimes immersed so fully in our day-to-day reality, we can often bypass this important and changing moment. Yet, the time of the equinoxes are incredibly potent and mark either the descent or ascent of our psyche. A complete turn of our psychological wheel. When we tune into and live in harmony with natures cycles, we reap abundant rewards in the area of growth and evolution. A beautiful relationship to cultivate!

Depending on where we are on this earth, we are either preparing to go inward into the more subtle realms of the night; or unfurling courageously out, towards the promising light of day. Those in the Northern Hemisphere, begin to make shamanic shifts into deeper states of reality; whilst those of us in the Southern Hemisphere prepare our bodies, to embody more of our life force with presence.

The equinoxes are power portal days, that teach us what it means to operate as a whole being. A rare moment in time, where the day and night are equal in length; it is not surprising that it should also mark the beginning of Libra season! Libra, is the sign of the scales. The balancing point between duality. How can you create harmony at this time, between the opposites that exist within you? What is asking you for a re-balance?

Where virgo season had us cleaning up our lives, Libra season wants to help us beautify it! Libra is a Venusian sign; ruling aesthetics and appreciating the artistic. I often thought it interesting that Libra should rule art/aesthetics, when there are several other zodiac signs that I would naturally associate with creativity. Though I have come to realise that Libra truly sees the art in its truest form. Libra is the best observer of art. Understanding that art is subjective and exists outside of right and wrong. It sees it for what it is; the representation of the polarity, duality, or oneness of an individuals mind, at any given time. I adore that.

As we journey through Libra season this month, the energy will ask us to find integration. To find balance between our inner beliefs and our outer reality. To allow harmony, where their previously was a lack of. Walk into the next month with the understanding that it is right on cue, to be dealing with two thoughts, ideas, oppositions or possibilities. The key is actually in harmonising them together, as opposed to trying to choose one or the other. It is all about your approach. Come to it with the neutrality born of a open mind and the accurate option will naturally float to the surface, without your strenuous effort. Sometimes the struggle that we create in our mind, keeps us from being able to receive the answer.

Flexibility is the name of the game this month, as we enter into Mercury Retrograde on September 27th (AEST) for the entirety of Libra season. If you are attached to everything working out just as you plan it to, you might be sorely disappointed. Try to have fun with any setbacks or surprises that you encounter, adopt the flowing nature of the wind and become the creative problem solver. Relationships in particular might act as your mirror, more than usual. See the person as a messenger, of a truth that you may need to integrate, as opposed to an enemy or threat. 

This month is all about alignment. What do you align with and why? Are you sure you still align with it? Mercury Retrograde will take you back, to go forward, in regards to this and Libra season will help you harmonise all of the insights you receive. Try to stay playful, curious, hopeful and grateful. The sign of the peacemaker is here and it wants to bless you with stability of mind but first, it might require a door fee. Embrace the change! Take it as lightly as a feather. Activate your queen of swords, with a side of the empress. You’ve got this.

Practical witch tips for Libra season:

  • Pay attention to your hormones.
  • If you have a moon (menstrual) cycle, start charting its rhythm and how it affects your mood.
  • Be aware of your posture and spine. Kundalini. Support your mind by finding a way of meditating that suits you.
  • Wear baby pink or blue, or have it around you.
  • Acquaint yourself with the goddess, Quan Yin.
  • Make rose quartz your new best friend, or find some aquamarine.
  • Incorporate nettle into your tea routine, if you feel out of balance. Enjoy a brew of damiana, to further connect with the planet of love.
  • Circulate your energy! Include more walking into your day, or interpretive dance! 

With my love,
Taiyla Bayne
Intuitive Astrologer

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*The way that all astrological events, seasons, retrogrades and transits affect each individual is very specific. If you are looking for specific guidance or want to know how your personal birth chart is being activated right now, you can book a reading with me here:

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