black spell candle

black spell candle


black chime spell candle. 

The colour black is associated with protection and repelling negative energy ( the evil eye). 

Use these little candles for spells to protect yourself, your home and your loved ones from harm. These can also be used in protection  magick for evil spirits. because black is the absence of light, and contains all colours, black is a wonderful colour to use for absorbing and deflecting neg energy from spirits, curses and hexes.

Planet: Daddy Saturn.

Element: Earth and water.

Try using our SANCTUARY incense powder with your black chime candle in your next protection spell. Light incense at the beginning of your spell or ritual, drop a little Night Flower Oil on the candle until coated and then sprinkle on our Sanctuary powder made from all natural magick botanicals for a pure connection to working with our plant allies and spirt team. The smell is divine!