MELLOW - Healing herbal tea

MELLOW - Healing herbal tea





  • Mallow flower - love & protection.

  • Licorice root - nourish and support healthy adrenal function and bowel movements.

  • Earl grey - rich in antioxidants. Lower LDL cholesterol. Lower blood pressure. 

  • Lavender buds - Has a calming effect and may boost mood when you are having 'a day'.

  • Elderberries - Immune enhancing and rich in antioxidants. 

  • Cornflowers - tonic for good digestion and liver support


It's Monday and you can't even. It's a lot. We know. 

Don't fret we got you! Designed as a winter 'pick me up', Mallow is an antioxidant and adaptogen rich herbal tea.

Filled with beautiful blue florals in a bed of liquorice and earl grey, you'll be reaching for this darling to start the day or afternoon tea with friends.

 The liquorice offers a refreshing sweetness to compliment the earthy and citrus undertones of the blend.  



Make a cuppa today and let your heart and mind bloom. 

Because we all deserve a little break don't we? 

Made from 100% wildcrafted and organic herbs. 

Naturally caffeine free. 

Directions - 1 tsp per cup. Add fresh boiling water . Enjoy both hot and chilled. 

TIP: tastes absolutely beautiful with a squeeze of lemon on top. Look out for our tea recipes on Instagram for ideas on how to mix it up!