IMPORTANT NOTICE 💫 Due to the nature of unforeseen border closures while we have been in Brisbane visiting family, we’ll now have to wait another 2wks until we can make our way back home again. So unfortunately that means all your perfume orders will be delayed by another 2wks. We are so incredibly sorry for this muck around and we will endeavour to send everything out to you ASAP 💌 Anyone who has placed an order since late December and up until we get back will receive a FREE 3ml Rose Oil GIFT in each package 📦🌹 Thank you for your patience and support If you should have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me via email- Love Rhi 🌹💫🙈🙏🏼













That moment when the sky lights up with all the colours of dusk and the kalidiscope of sunshine fades, another night to wander and dream.


What's in this luscious natural perfume?

Each Yalu perfume contains 100% natural high-class perfumery ingredients, no synthetics, cruelty-free and vegan-friendly.  So you will smell like an actual flower. 

How to use: Apply to pulse points or anywhere you want to be kissed. Oh la la. 

How long will it last? It could take you a year to get through it. That's the great thing about rollerball oil perfumes, they last ages!. The actual scent will last 4-5 hours on the skin depending. A tip to help natural scent stick to skin is to apply an unscented moisturiser before application. 


Each natural perfume oil comes beautifully packaged inside a luxurious custom textured white box with its own eco-friendly scent story card. The art is created by Rhiannon and inspired by the perfume.