MANY MOONS BALM - Radiance ritual balm for face + body

MANY MOONS BALM - Radiance ritual balm for face + body


 Rhiannon wanted to create a illuminator balm that wasn't going to make her look like a disco ball face on first application. Because so many of them on the market do!

I mean we love those super shiny balms but you can't wear them all the time so we created a formula for everyday use with a more relaxed feel but still powerful enough and moistening too. 

Many Moons was designed for anyone who wants to enhance and highlight their angles without feeling like it's too much but just right. So you aren't wasting your product and perfect for that 'no make up' feel. It's also fabulous for photos too! 

Invite this luscious illuminating balm into your daily self care rituals and see how just a couple of simple licks of this soothing scented moon balm will accentuate your already gorgeous features.  So grab yourself a lil pot of this beauty and enjoy it for the Many Moons ahead! 

If you remember our popular Luna oil, then this is exactly the same scent! 

- Rose geranium, sweet orange and french lavender. 

We love to pop a little on before bed because it's such a dreamy relaxing scent. 


- Cruelty free

- Suitable for all skin types 

- No toxic fillers or binders 

- especially lovely for dry skin

- plastic free packaging


 Where should I apply it? 


  • Make this the last step of your 'no make up' look
  • run your finger over the balm and warm it up. 
  • dab on your lip bow, between eyes on forehead, centre of nose or tip, collar bones, arms,  just above cheekbones and top side of lids just under your brow.
  • Yes. We'll make an instruction vid on Instagram soon! 


 What's in this gorgeous balm then? 


Made from 100% natural + organic ingredients 

  • Organic shea butter, apricot kernel oil, beeswax, organic macadamia oil, organic marshmallow oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, mica, organic calendula oil, rose geranium, lavender, sweet orange. 

 SIZE- 25gm