A gathering of like minded souls around potent moon cycles for Witches and mystical minded folk.

Celebrating the seasons and each turn on the witches wheel with ritual, release, spellwork, modern and traditional witchcraft, herbal lore, tarot, astrology, crafting, sound healing, guided meditation, take home witchy goody bags themed around the sabbats and warm cups of chai n snackos. Plus special guests! 



THEME: Pisces super new moon + Mabon autumn equinox

SPECIAL GUEST: Stefanie Iverson

WHEN: Sunday, 10th March 6-8pm 


14 Stanley St, Richmond VIC ( This space is lush! ) 

WHAT TO BRING? Yourself, a water bottle and more details will be sent to those coming. We have yoga mats ( bring your own if you like), cushions, eye pillows and rugs. Chairs can be provided if you need one. 

WHAT TO EXPECT: A blissful evening of guided meditation centred around above themes, sound bath healing, spellwork, tarot, conversations and insights centred around the new moon and the equinox and how to integrate these gifts into our life for the next cycle. Plus Chai ( made on bonsoy because that's the best with honey and snacks) + a take home witchy gift bag for you to celebrate another turn on the wheel. 

THINGS TO KNOW:  Wheelchair ramp access, heating and cooling, parking, train and tram are very close. 

 GOT MORE QUESTIONS? Please contact Rhi via


Rhiannon Mapstone 

Naturopathic Healer | Witch | Perfumer 

When Witches come together, magick happens and I want to help harness and cultivate that energy for the greater good by tapping into and utilising my skills as a seasoned practitioner, perfumer and witch. Bringing like minded souls together to learn about all the different types of magick, sabbats, spiritual modalities and how we can incorporate 

them into our modern day lives connecting us to the energy of mother earth, spirit, the moon, stars and elements of nature. 

As a science witch and mystical being, I try to blend the empirical with the ethereal. My journey involves harnessing the power of herbal medicine, delving into the scientific realm to heal and yet understanding the energy and character of healing botanicals from a witch's perspective, whether that be for spellwork or a sleep potion.

Simultaneously, I explore the mystical, utilizing meditation and understanding brain wave states for spell work. It's a harmonious dance where the pragmatic and the magical converge, creating a unique path of holistic healing and transformative enchantment and hopefully helping others to honour and explore both sides, approaching our Moon Coven with curiosity, joy and an open heart. 

With starting Moon Coven, I hope to create a sense of community that sends ripples of kindness and magick out into the world.


Can't wait to sit with you in circle, share stories and converse with you by the light of the cauldron.  

Love Rhi X




Stefanie Iverson

Myotherapist | Sound Healer | Breathwork

I am the creatrix of Myotherapy Care. A private, sensory adjustable, trauma-informed, consent-centered, cozy little wellness clinic that offers free, spacious parking, a private sauna room, a gym, and bathroom facilities. As an overthinker, it’s natural for me to consider little details and I always strive to improve the quality of the space I offer so if you see something that I’ve perhaps missed, let me know and I’ll make it happen :) Mi casa es su casa! 

Communication is my jam as that is what I am naturally gifted in. My background is in linguistics and counseling which makes me a seasoned communicator. I’ve lived in various countries before settling in Australia, therefore I am very capable of understanding and respecting cultural backgrounds and boundaries. 

I’m bilingual (Turkish/English) and hold an AUSLAN level 1 cert. I have completed training in Tibetan Sound Bowl Healing Sound Therapies level 1 & 2 as well as Reiki level 

I’ve also completed and have a full-time interest in pre and post-natal care, manual lymphatic draining, exercise rehabilitation, dry needling, and cupping. I am a very proud ally, standing together with the LGBTQIA+ community, and have done specialised training in inclusive care for gender and sexual minorities. I’m passionate about providing a space where you can be yourself without judgment.

So come on in and let’s get down to feelin’ good! 


please note: 

tickets are non refundable 

if you can’t make the event, please contact us and we’ll see if we can move you to the next Moon Coven event or perhaps you can gift it forward to a friend.