MOON COVEN | SAMHAIN | Tuesday 30th April 7-9pm

MOON COVEN | SAMHAIN | Tuesday 30th April 7-9pm


Rhiannon Mapstone 

Naturopathic Healer | Witch | Perfumer 

When Witches come together, magick happens and I want to help harness and cultivate that energy for the greater good by tapping into and utilising my skills as a seasoned practitioner, perfumer and witch. Bringing like minded souls together to learn about all the different types of magick, sabbats, spiritual modalities and how we can incorporate them into our modern day lives connecting us to the energy of mother earth, spirit, the moon, stars and elements of nature. 

As a science witch and mystical being, I try to blend the empirical with the ethereal. My journey involves harnessing the power of herbal medicine, delving into the scientific realm to heal and yet understanding the energy and character of healing botanicals from a witch's perspective, whether that be for spellwork or a sleep potion.

Simultaneously, I explore the mystical, utilizing meditation and understanding brain wave states for spell work. It's a harmonious dance where the pragmatic and the magical converge, creating a unique path of holistic healing and transformative enchantment and hopefully helping others to honour and explore both sides, approaching our Moon Coven with curiosity, joy and an open heart. 

With starting Moon Coven, I hope to create a sense of community that sends ripples of kindness and magick out into the world.


Can't wait to sit with you in circle, share stories and converse with you by the light of the cauldron.  

Love Rhi X



Stefanie Iverson

Myotherapy | Breathwork | Mystic 


Hi! I’m Stefanie, Stef for short. I am the Creatrix of Myotherapy Care and I also have lots of niche interests that I like to blend into my clinical practice.
I offer unique fusions of myotherapy, rehabilitation solutions, bodywork, sound healing, breath work, hot and cold exposure therapies, meditation and counselling. I strive to facilitate sacred spaces where individuals and groups can reconnect with themselves and each other at memorable and profound levels.

I have a colourful ethnicity of Turkish, Scandinavian and North American and have a passion for delving deep into my cultures and sharing everything I know with anybody who cares to listen.

I am here together with Rhiannon on this Moon Coven journey to add my spices into the big cauldron so we can see, hear and feel each other in this beautiful community.

Love Stef X



please note: 

We will send out information emails to everyone that purchases a seat. 

tickets are non refundable 

if you can’t make the event, please contact us and we’ll see if we can move you to the next Moon Coven event or perhaps you can gift it forward to a friend. There needs to be sufficient notice so we have the time to organise it. Thank you!