VENUS ROSE - Love potion ritual oil for body + bath + spells

VENUS ROSE - Love potion ritual oil for body + bath + spells


Our beautiful Venus Rose love potion ritual oil is made with pure rose essence, rose buds, magical love botanicals + nourishing moisterising oils to make your skin glow like the goddess herself.


Venus is the Roman goddess of love, sensuality, pleasure, desire and beauty.  Working with and invoking the goddess Venus is a beautiful way to tap deeply into your own divine feminine nature. 

This heart opening rose scented delight is made in ritual to enhance your spell work  and can be used to anoint candles for performing love magick associated with strengthening self love and attracting healthy loving friendships and relationships into your life. 

Pour a dash into a warm flower bath or use to cover yourself from head to toe with the scent of roses. 

Organic ingredients: Macadamia oil, camellia oil, Jojoba oil, Turkish Rose absolute, Rose Otto, local roses, Rose geranium, apricot oil, vitamin E, magick botanicals. 

I am required to state that this is a curio item

I craft the tools of Magick only, not the outcome.

Your own Energy and Intention are necessary