WITCH WATER - Magickal botanicals for blessing, cleansing and protection.

WITCH WATER - Magickal botanicals for blessing, cleansing and protecti



orange blossom/rose/clove


Captivating the mystical essence of ancient rituals, our WITCH WATER, my own enchanting elixir for blessings, cleansing, and protection. 

Infused with the secrets of sacred herbs and crafted with meticulous care, this divine potion will soon become a staple in your daily practice. With echoes of the revered Florida water, yet bearing my unique alchemical touch, Witch Water dances on the veil between realms, inviting sacred energies to grace your being and weave a little magick into your day.

How to use: 

As part of your morning ritual, spray this delicious scent over your heart, top of head and back of neck for an uplifting energy cleanse. 



New moon + Full moon

Intention setting

Manifesting to enhance and call in blessings!

crystals + crystal jewellery 

home cleansing and blessing + add a dash to your bucket.


100ml glass bottle 

Ingredients: proprietary blend of 20+ all natural, floral water, organic sugar cane alcohol, organic botanicals and essential oils. 


Each vessel is cleansed in ritual before it arrives in your hands. 
Ready and vibin' for you to weave into your magickal life. 

I am required to state that this is a curio item

I craft the tools of Magick only, not the outcome.

Your own Energy and Intention are necessary.