About Us


Perfume offers a personal relationship between you, nature and memory. 
Think back to some cherished life moments: gathering verdant flowers in the fresh spring air, the heady summer musk of a music festival, the sweet and salty embrace of a lover.
Fragrance enhances the symphony of our most cherished moments. Each time you wear a scent you love, it engages your limbic system, evoking mood and arousing the senses.
Yalu is a collection of natural perfumes with witchery and wellness at its heart.
Each unique scent is designed and refined in a dance of alchemy, complexity and harmony.
Crafted with ancient methods and therapeutic botanicals, our fragrances use the finest 100% naturally derived absolutes and essential oils that are ethically sourced and sustainably produced. And, importantly, they are kind to your skin and our animal friends. 
I hope your Yalu perfume becomes your very own signature scent as you make beautiful memories. 
Rhiannon Mapstone
Natural Perfumer, Naturopath and Witch  
Rhiannon Mapstone
Ph: 0416 633 858
Rhiannon is commited to the Perfumery Code of Ethics established by French Master Perfumer, Christophe Laudamiel.