Moon Magick Body Lotion

Moon Magick Body Lotion


Rejuvenate, replenish,
and nourish your skin.

Embrace the Power of the Full Moon
Release, Pamper, and Love Yourself
Discover Moon Magick Body Lotion. 

On the nights of the full moon, when the celestial sphere radiates its majestic glow upon us, it becomes a time of profound significance. It is a moment when the universe aligns, urging us to release what no longer serves us
and embrace our inner light.

Moon Magick Body Lotion was birthed from this sacred understanding—a divine offering to accompany you on this empowering journey of self-care.

During these lunar cycles, as the moon reaches its fullest, it gifts us an opportunity to let go of burdens, doubts, and worries that have accumulated within us. It is a time to cleanse, renew, and pamper ourselves with boundless love and care. Moon Magick Body Lotion was thoughtfully crafted precisely for these celestial moments, acting as a gentle companion to soothe and nourish your precious skin.

As you massage Moon Magick Body Lotion into your skin, allow its delicate scent and luxurious texture to transport you to a realm of deep relaxation. Feel the nourishing and healing oils of organic calendula, marshmallow, mugwort, macadamia, and vitamin E envelop your senses, embracing you with their tender embrace. With each stroke, the lotion acts as a conduit, infusing your skin with the essence of celestial grace.

Embrace the opportunity to release the tension, stress, and negative energy that may have accumulated within you. Let the Moon Magick Body Lotion become an essential part of your self-care ritual during these potent full moon moments.

Surrender to the transformative power of self-love and care. Embrace the full moon's energy as it bathes you in its ethereal glow.