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Posted on August 30 2021




It was hard to miss the full blue moon in Aquarius just gone. I'm sure a lot of you made moon water that night, as it was a super potent time to do so. We had a short burst of heavy rain and fierce wind that night, which I think gives it that extra  something for sure! 

So I thought I might show you a recipe of mine and how I've decided to use some of my blue moon water for creativity, connectedness and good energy. It's also a beautiful way to celebrate Ostara and the heralding of spring. 

There are so many ways in which you can set intentions to make moon water and choose to use it, I've used some in my altar mist and the rest is used for my Moon Flora Water mocktail to connect me to my intentions, cycle, the energy of the land and the plants around me. It always makes me feel super energised and I love that floral taste. 


"In the eyes of the witch, everything is alive and anything with physical matter contains life force and intelligence. For the witch, nature is alive. The rocks, the water, the wind, the animals, the plants, the stars, the planets, and all things that we can perceive as existing within the material universe." - Mat Auryn, Witch.


Rhiannon's Moon Flora Water

  • grab a jar to pick your flowers n herbs. 
  • Look around your garden or your neighbourhood for what is starting to bloom and grow ( make sure these are edible) you don't have to choose the exact same botanicals as me, you can improvise. Use your intuition to guide you. 
  • Once you have selected all your blooms, take them inside, pop some ice cubes in, dash of rose water, dash of violet syrup (or fresh violets. Our Violet syrup recipe is on our instagram) , and a thin slice of lemon. I added a strawberry as well. 


Violet - luck, love and good fortune! Associated with deity, Venus. 

Jasmine - love and prosperity. She is associated with Jupiter the planet of luck! 

Jonquils - energy can amplify and clarify the inner voice of the Goddess. One of the first blooms of spring. 

Chamomile - soothing and healing. 

Viola - gentle love, soothing and reassuring, her magic may be powerful, but it’s also gentle.

Rose - for self love, heals worries, attracts love and good fortune. 

Mint - prosperity, clarity,  health, love, success and attracts money. 

Rosemary flowers - enhance memory, purification and protection. 


Sit with a your journal while you sip your drink and write down any messages or ideas that might pop into your head. 

If you'd like to see the TikTok of Rhiannon making her Moon Flora Water, just click here 

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