Rhiannon Mapstone

Posted on September 17 2021

INTERVIEW WITH A WITCH is a brand new series created by Yalu Natural Perfumery + Witchery founder, Rhiannon Mapstone. She wanted to create a space within 'Hey Witch' blog to introduce you to her favourite Witches from across the cosmos. Helping you to feel inspired and connected to the greater witchy community and celebrate our uniqueness and diversity.  So without further ado, lets dive in and get to know the gorgeous Lilith Moon...
Lilith Moon is a Magnetism Magician & Glamour Priestess to Cosmic Leaders, Mystic Misfits, & Bad Witch icons of the internet. 
Whether she is conducting her Bad Witch Birthing sessions or Bad Witch Rising Coven, Lilith is bringing witches together and helping them to activate their best self through sharing her infectious brand of glamour magik. 



  • What's your sun sign, moon and rising? 
Libra sun, Aries moon, Taurus rising.
  • Where do you dwell? 
I am from Australia.
  • Can you define what kind of Witch you are? 
I would say that I am predominantly a glamour witch and that’s what I focus on professionally, but I love exploration & expansion in my craft so I don’t let this definition confine me.
  • How did you get into witchcraft? and what age were you? 
I did a lot of witchy play as a child & was fascinated with divination from a young age, I went to a very conservative christian school which instilled a lot of fear so I closed that door for a long time until I remembered this part of myself at 17. I started to explore & learn about divination & candle magick & from there my practice has grown.
  • What is your most treasured magical item? 
My altar is my most treasured piece. It is an antique writing desk that was given to me by my grandmother when I was 16 or 17 and ever since it has been my most magickal sacred space.
  • If you could land anywhere in time, where would you go? 
I always wanted to go back in time to see pink Floyd play the wall live in Berlin.  I used to watch the recording of it so much & found it so powerful lol.
  • Any advice for younger witches or witches starting out? 

My advice to witches starting out is don’t feel like you need to define yourself or start subscribing to everyone’s rules.  Calibrate your own inner compass - your values, your ethics, your interests, your needs/desires and always trust in your capacity to direct your own path. You’re going to have many interests, there are going to be lots of things you want to learn.  You don’t have to choose 1 thing or 1 path,  you’re allowed to expand in all these areas. You do not need to get there overnight, you have plenty of time so let yourself follow your interests, gifts, affinities passions, etc.  Stop looking to what everyone else is doing & saying & practice self trust.




  • Do you listen to music when you do spellwork? If so, what are you listening to? 
I listen to different things depending on my mood.  Sometimes classical or sometimes a playlist with the vibe/mood of the spellwork I'm doing.
  • Your top 3 altar essentials? 
Top 3 altar essentials.  Look, I’m not saying these are essential for everyone but they are essential to ME because this is what is meaningful to my in my personal practice, and honestly these are just the base-level vibes for me now!

1. fresh flowers (preferably roses) are my fave for bringing in those Empress, rich witch vibes.  They are the Queens of the flowers & so naturally glamorous & magnetic.  They also radiate high vibe love energy, and make a beautiful offering.

2. Mortar & pestle.  My life changed when I started using a mortar & pestle. please don’t ask me why, but for years I used other kitchen utensils as a D.I.Y version, trying to grind herbs & ingredients instead of just buying a bloody mortar & pestle. Well, now I have one and it’s fabulous, I highly recommend it, it makes life easier when you can simply have the exact tool you need to do the thing you want, & get it done efficiently. Anyway, it was $30 from a kitchen shop & it’s one of the best tools I’ve bought.

3. Authentic aesthetic.  This isn’t so much a “thing” you can have or buy but something you cultivate.  What I mean by authentic aesthetic, is creating a space that feels beautiful & meaningful to you.  Altars are sacred spaces, and amplifiers of magick.  Cultivating a space that is beautiful & thoughtful is an invitation to divine presence & a portal to potent magick!  
  • What is your most favourite witchy creation or project you've created or been part of? 
I really couldn't pick a favourite!  I only make what I most feel lit up & inspired by which has been so liberating for me!  Lately I've been really expanding into creating magickal group programs which has been so juicy & fun.
  • Your favourite fictional, movie or tv witch? 
My fave fictional/movie witch is aunt Francis from practical magick. I’ve always imagined myself to be like her - she’s unapologetic, unconventional, and totally bad ass.
  • You are such a gift to the world, always offering your love and guidance, but who or what replenishes you and fills up your cup? 
Holding lots of space for myself.  Taking plenty of time in self devotion & care is important for me so I can keep balance with the work I do!
Want to know more about glamour magick and how it can change your life? Click here to listen to Lilith have a chat about it.
You can also follow Lilith on  Instagram for daily magik peep talks. 
She is the queen of them!

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